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Green Bearets: Kiefer By Amelia Jade

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Base Camp Bears (Book Five)
Paranormal Shape-Shifter Romance

Green Bearets: Kiefer (A Paranormal Shape Shifter Romance) (Base Camp Bears Book 5)

Lieutenant Kiefer Hartmann was on duty. Tasked to watch the grounds of Base Camp to prevent a surprise attack, he was simply doing his job when he saw the strange figure ready to jump from the roof. But after charging to the rescue, it appears that perhaps he’d gotten things wrong. Now the gorgeous woman he’d just tried to save thinks he was out to kill her.

Two weeks. For two whole weeks Peyton Raine has been kept penned up at Base Camp. She wasn’t overly upset about it. Not toward the Green Bearets at least. What happened to her wasn’t their fault. After being rescued from the clutches of the evil Fenris shifters, it was expected that she would go back home. There was only one little problem with that…

The more time she spends with the Kiefer, the more Peyton realizes he doesn’t know about her condition. The way he treats her is refreshing and she finds herself wanting to spend more and more time with him. But a chance encounter during an unexpected trip back into human civilization has threatened it all. Can the pair unravel the secrets of her past together, or will the truth of Peyton’s real identity rip the lovers apart? 
My Review
Peyton Raine was one of the humans rescued in Fenris during book four. Her treatment was so bad her memory was compromised.  Lieutenant Kiefer Hartmann happens to have been a part of that particular rescue team.

Fast forward a few days and these two enter each others world yet again due to a pretty amusing miscommunication. Peyton and Kiefer's journey is a bit different from the couples in books 1 - 4, but beautiful just the same.

This author crafts some of the most amazing page turners and swoon worthy characters. I don't want to give away to much, but I hope we learn more about original group to hold Peyton's loyalty. So the apparent glossing over of certain actions is better understood.
About Author
Amelia Jade loves to write the stories of tall, growly shifter men and the women who come to love them. Living out in the back country near the mountains, she keeps her own alpha male close by to keep the bears away and keep her warm. In her downtime (which is rare), she loves to read science-fiction with a dash of fantasy. You can often find her curled up in front of the real wood-burning fireplace, her nose firmly buried in a book or her favorite e-reader. The cold can’t bother her there!

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Base Camp Bears
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Green Bearets: Garrin (A Paranormal Shape Shifter Romance) (Base Camp Bears Book 4)

Top Scale Academy

Dragons of Cadia 

Green Bearets: Garrin By Amelia Jade

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Base Camp Bears (Book Four)
Paranormal Shape-Shifter Romance

Green Bearets: Garrin (A Paranormal Shape Shifter Romance) (Base Camp Bears Book 4)
As a high-ranking officer in the Green Bearets, Garrin Richter rarely gets out from behind his desk. So when he is able to arrange a trip to nearby Cloud Lake to meet with some of his subordinates, the bear shifter is ecstatic. With the war raging on between his homeland of Cadia and their arch rivals Fenris, he’s never felt more helpless sitting safely behind the action. But when the high command’s meeting is interrupted, Garrin isn’t sure what’s the bigger bombshell: the woman who just walked in, or what she has to say.

Mia Jameson was nobody special. It didn’t make sense. She had a good life, and enjoyed it, and was proud of her accomplishments, but she was just a normal human being. Under threat of duress, she’s done things she regrets. No more though. Having finally worked up her courage, she’s going to march right up to the shifter in charge and tell him the truth. The only thing is, she didn’t expect him to be so damn hot.

From the moment she walked in, Garrin couldn’t tear his eyes off of her. Even after her secret is revealed, he’s the only one who doesn’t care. He vows to help her, no matter the cost, but his peers from the other shifter races disagree. Without their help, he’s not sure he can do what’s necessary. Can he prove to Mia that when he gives his word, he’s good for it? 
My Review
Colonel Garrin Richter, second-in-command of the Green Bearets was visiting his bearets in Cloud Lake when his life changed completely.

Mia has been going threw her own private hell at the hands of the Fenris shifters. When she finally reaches out for help from the Cadia shifters, that one move completely changed the course of her life.

The story of Garrin and Mia will grab you from page one. This author can craft a strong willed bad arse heroines like none other and some pretty swon worthy heroes!

About Author
Amelia Jade loves to write the stories of tall, growly shifter men and the women who come to love them. Living out in the back country near the mountains, she keeps her own alpha male close by to keep the bears away and keep her warm. In her downtime (which is rare), she loves to read science-fiction with a dash of fantasy. You can often find her curled up in front of the real wood-burning fireplace, her nose firmly buried in a book or her favorite e-reader. The cold can’t bother her there!

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Base Camp Bears
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Top Scale Academy

Dragons of Cadia 

Inflict By Bethany- Kris


by Bethany-Kris 
Publication Date: April 3, 2017 
Genres: Adult, Erotic, Romantic Suspense, Organized Crime


Cover Designer: Popkitty Design


Amazon AUS: http://amzn.to/2nDyJ7A


As the son of an Irish mobster, Connor O’Neil spent his boyhood hiding from the horrors of his own home. His one reprieve was a girl he knew only as Evelyn, but even she was taken away. As a man, Connor is determined to stay away from his father’s business. With Sean, participation is not a request, but a demand. The truth is, Connor might be more like the evil he’s trying to hide away from than he would like to admit. And he’s already spent years trying to cover the scars left over from the pain. A chance encounter puts the lost girl from his past back on his path, and he no longer has a choice but to face the darkness he’s been ignoring for years. Evelyn. Sasha. Slave. She doesn’t really know who she is anymore. Or maybe she does, and she doesn’t want to tell. She isn’t the same as she once was—now a thing to be kept and maintained, shuffled from owner to owner until it was her time to go. She only became Connor’s because he took her when he knew she wasn’t his to take. Except she isn’t Connor’s at all … And he can’t keep her hidden forever. ~Inflict is a Standalone Romance with graphic depictions of violence, sexual scenes, dark elements and a HEA. It is not recommended for those under the age of 18.



by Bethany-Kris
“You must think I’m stupid,” she whispered. No, he certainly did not. She was well spoken. She had a mind of her own and a questioning stare that told him there was a hell of a lot hidden beneath her exterior. He was not going to underestimate her in anything. “I don’t,” Connor said. “Then answer my question. You’re a man, so what do you want from me? They always want something; from the very start, each one has wanted something. I’ve filled a void, been used to enjoy, and even to be taught. I’ve been treated like a plaything to some, and like a sweetheart to others. What is your move?” Connor damn near choked on his next question trying to get it out, “And how many has there been?” She didn’t even think about it. “Seven, over the years.” “All Russian?” “The first one was not; he had a wife who liked me, and had three boys of her own, but no girls. He was just there to keep me, until I was passed on again. I was eleven when the wife left—I was passed on the next day.” “What then?” That spark of fire was back in her eyes. “What do you think?” “I think you’ve misunderstood my intentions,” Connor murmured. Evelyn tipped her head to the side, and her gaze dropped to his groin again. “Did I also misunderstand being in your bed, what you were doing in the shower, or the sounds you made at the end?” Cac. She had spied on him. “I have to call that friend,” Connor said, refusing to indulge her further. “You should find something to wear that covers you.” “I don’t think you mind.” “I don’t, but I won’t be held accountable for reacting in an unpleasant way to an arsehole move from my guest.” Evelyn’s lips curved into a sly, sensual smile. It was shocking. Beautiful, but shocking. Men may have used her for what they wanted, but he fully believed there was a part of Evelyn that was more dangerous than she let on. “That’s a new one.” Connor’s jaw clenched. “What is?” “Jealousy. I’ve never had one that was jealous before.” Perfect. Just feckin’ grand. “I’m not … one—an owner, whatever—of those,” Connor said, more irritated than before. “You will do well to figure that out and fast, Evelyn. You will do well to stop trying to figure out what game you need to play to please me; you’re not here for that.” “Then why am I here?” Honesty was the best policy … “I don’t know yet.” He finished getting dressed, and the whole time, Evelyn never left him in private. As he passed her by to make that phone call and get something to eat for breakfast, her soft voice stopped him again. “But why don’t you touch me?” she asked. “Even those who were not terrible, still wanted that from me.” Connor looked down at her, and found she was watching him, curious and unashamed. “I told you why, love. It’s not for me to take, and if you want that, then you can ask for it.” “I don’t understand, and I’m not sure what to do or how to act for you, if you want nothing from me. I’m not sure who to be here.” “That’s a sad idea, isn’t it? That you have to be something at all, and not just a person, a woman.” Her gaze dropped. “I don’t know anything different.”


Bethany-Kris is a Canadian author, lover of much, and mother to three young sons, one cat, and two dogs. A small town in Eastern Canada where she was born and raised is where she has always called home. With her boys under her feet, snuggling cat, barking dogs, and a hubby calling over his shoulder, she is nearly always writing something … when she can find the time. To keep up-to-date with new releases from Bethany-Kris, sign up to her New Release Newsletter here: http://eepurl.com/bf9lzD Website • Blog •  Twitter • Facebook • Goodreads •  Pinterest • Mailing List • Amazon Author Page



COVER REVEAL: Beer Goggles Anthology

Beer Goggles Anthology 
14 Authors bring you 14 stories
Release Day: April 18th
All Proceeds go to St Jude's

Cover Design: MGBook Covers

Have you ever had too much to drink?
Everyone knows hooking up with someone while under the influence is a bad idea. But…sh*t happens.
What did I do?
Who did I do?
Where are my keys…and my underwear?
Welcome to nights of not-so-innocent drinking gone awry. Find out where it all went wrong…so terribly wrong…
From sexy neighbors to embarrassing advances—and that person who you know for a fact wouldn’t be there in the first place had it not been for the alcohol. Remember or forget? It doesn’t matter—because either way, those nights can still follow you forever.
Truth be told, when the night is over and the beer goggles are off, some things can never be unseen.


The List by Author Alyson Santos
Not With You by D. Nichole King 
Toasted by Shantel Tessier - Author 
Oh Tequila by Author C.A. Harms
Ten Too Many by A.M. Hargrove, Author
Beauty and the Brown Noser by Evan Grace
Shenanigans by Chelsea Camaron Author 
Test Me by Molly McLain - Author
Oh Shit by Lacey Black - Author
Strike Out by Jennifer Miller
Sex, Alcohol and My Neighbor by Terri E. Laine
Tattooed Redemption by Alicia Rae Author
The Guy in 3C by Cheryl McIntyre
Vikings by Sunniva Dee

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COVER REVEAL: Rectify By Mary Crawford

Author: Mary Crawford
Model: Chandra Holt

Once upon a time, Tayanita Moya had what should have been a perfect life.  She had a handsome, ambitious husband who was like her best friend, and an adorable daughter. Things should have been perfect — but they weren’t. So, she walked away.
Now, her teenage daughter wants her to be part of that life again. Tayanita isn’t  so sure she can be strong enough to watch another woman live the life she should have had. In a moment of desperation, she reaches out to an unsuspecting, sexy, anonymous voice on the phone one night and unloads her whole dreadful secret life.
John Ashford looks forward to his nightly call from his secret, sexy siren.  He hears hundreds of voices on the phone every day, but few sound as broken and haunted as his secret caller. Since being injured in the line of duty, Lieutenant Commander Ashford has a few secrets of his own.
Can Tayanita and John rectify the past and build a future together
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COVER REVEAL: The Devil's Pride by T Birmingham

Cover Designer Susan Garwood of Wicked Women Designs
Cover Model Kristina Canady/Satine Sassin


Thousands of years ago, the Skröm split off from the Light Clans and became Dark. Their greed for blood consumed them. Their once orange eyes bled to red, and they became one of the demons of legend. And when they die, they do not rest. They haunt. They take. They devour. Their souls become Shadows. Darkness. Death.
Alexia Maria Garda-Martinez was born a monster. Red hair. Red eyes. Pale skin. And nowhere to call home. But after years of foster care and state homes, she has finally found her niche. A family. A promising career. And a life that’s fulfilling. 
Devon Waters ran from his hometown of Montville, New York fifteen years ago, and he found more than he bargained for. Reunited with his twin brother, a detective in the local police department, Devon doesn’t plan on running again. 
When a brutal, ritualistic murder happens right in their little college town, Alexia and Devon are pulled into a world of good versus evil that will have them both questioning who they are. 
The Skröm and the Shadows are closing in, and Alexia and Devon must join forces to stop the darkness at all costs. 

Will Alexia be able to fight her darker instincts, or will the devil inside of her draw her into its seductive web?

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The Beast and The Sibyl By AJ Adams

*•.¸(`*•.¸(`*•IT’S LIVE•*´)¸.•*´)¸.•*´

the beast.jpg

The Beasts of Prydain are back! He’s a vicious Beast, violent and dangerous. Bliss knows she ought to walk away. After all, she has a dark and dangerous secret to preserve. When she can’t leave him to burn, her rescue tumbles them both into danger, adventure and romance. 
Self-standing PNR novel! Here's the universal buy link for The Beast and The Sibyl
Purchase Links: Amazon US | Universal Buy Link

“We caught a Beast! A real live poxy Beast!”

Bastards. Calling us beasts while they cheat, steal, and lie. I got kicked in the ribs, a whip laid about my shoulders, and all the time they were screaming.

“Hang him!”

“Beat him!”

“Kill the Beast!”

Then I saw her. She was standing there, staring right into my eyes. For a moment, I thought I was looking at a Valkyrie, one of Valhalla’s shield maidens. She had hair the colour of ice, and eyes as blue as the sky. Tall, willowy, and silent, she looked unworldly. There was a wolf at her side, too.

I blinked, expecting her to vanish, but it wasn’t a vision. She was real. The knowledge hit me with a punch that sucked the breath out of me. She was one of us, a Skraeling of Thule.

She leaned on the wolf, controlling it with a touch of her hand. “Lady Freyja always advises counsel before action.”

A Skraeling woman who invoked our goddess yet who was a traitor. I was filled with sudden hate, poisoned by the thought of one of our own people contaminated by foul betrayal.

If the will were a weapon, she would have fallen on the spot. Instead, the world blurred again. I think I passed out for a few moments because when I opened my eyes, he was there. The Patriarch. A cheat, a liar and all-round scum bucket

He certainly hates us Skraeling. “Glorious Ullr will bring us wise counsel. And tomorrow we will flog the Beast to cleanse him of his sins, and then we will burn him alive!”

He’s a vicious Beast, violent and dangerous. Bliss knows she ought to walk away. After all, she has a dark and dangerous secret to preserve. When she can’t leave him to burn, her rescue tumbles them both into danger, adventure and romance.
WTMO what others say.jpg

WTMO author bio.jpg

I write cartel and crime romances, with twisted dark heroes and feminist arse kicking heroines.

My real name is Ellen Whyte. In my non-novel life I'm a syndicated author who has published roughly 3500 articles and 10 non-fiction books with publishers that include Pearson and Marshall Cavendish.

wTMO hostedby.jpg

Love Under Contract By Sharon C. Cooper

New Release - March 17

Amazon - http://amzn.to/2lCMyoE
Amazon UK - http://amzn.to/2mmBV9Q
Barnes & Noble - http://bit.ly/2lyU97b
Smashwords - http://bit.ly/2kQoIBw
Kobo - http://bit.ly/2m5CZiC
iTunes - http://apple.co/2lNTq0a

Timing is everything.

Sumeera Robinson refuses to settle for less than she desires, even if what she craves is the sexy, smart, and charming Nicolas Jenkins-Moore. At her age, she wants marriage and a family, not the empty promises Nick offers. Yet, there is just something about the man that makes moving on nearly impossible.

As the new senior manager of Jenkins & Sons Construction, Nick’s five-year plan is on track with marriage and starting a family at the bottom of the list. Sumeera is as beautiful inside as she is on the outside, but not even she can entice him to abandon his carefully plotted road to success. That is until she walks away without looking back, leaving him yearning for her presence in his life.

Nick is determined to convince Sumeera that he wants the same things she wants. But will an unexpected development keep them from the life they desire? Or will fate bring them closer than they’ve ever been before?

COVER REVEAL: Reckless Behavior By Teri Kay

Reckless Behavior 
Author: Teri Kay

Oh, the tangled webs we weave. 
Welcome to Club Amouret'te...dark, sexy and sensual. 
You may think swinging is something done on a playground, but this is a whole other jungle gym. 
If rules are followed, the lifestyle can be lust-filled fun, but if they are ignored...Feelings get hurt, hearts get broken, jealousy flares and friendships are tested. 
Jeremy and Rose Blackwood, together since they were seventeen, connected to one another by friendship, love, and desire. Swinging is their drug of choice. 
Now wanting to bring their friends into the fold to experience the art of sharing partners, unexpected feelings from the past arise. With these tangled feelings, can they keep their relationships from imploding or will they be forever destroyed by their Reckless Behavior? 
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COVER REVEAL: Collision By Allie Redman

Title: Collision 
Author: Allie Redman  
Release Date: March 25th 2017 
Genre: Romantic Suspense 
Goodreads: http://bit.ly/2jkG74v 

Cover Designer: Rebel Edit and Design 
Cover Models: Amanda Joan  and Jonny James 
Hosted By: B&B Promotions 

Shane and Macy have found each other and now have a chance at happiness and love at last......  But when the killer that took Shane's wife shows himself again on their doorstep it is a race against time.  Shane already lost his wife, will he be able to keep from losing everything again?  Macy is home at last but the ghosts of her past are never far behind. She has spent a lifetime hiding but she could never hide from Shane.  Now with a race against a killer who is stalking them all and Macy's past catching up its a race against time.  When ghosts of the past chase you how far can you run from the Collision?   

Amazon Pre-Order Links:  US | UK  | CA

*Available on #KU for #free