Monday, January 1, 2018

2017 Recap

In 2017 I read over 150 books, went to a signing, and even got added to few street teams. I put together my version of a highlights reel below:

Best Author Discovery
- Brittney Sahin
- Daryl Banner

Best Gift to Fans
- Sons of Beasts series by TS Joyce

Most Anticipated Book Release
- Ruin of the God's by Erin Hayes

Most Noteworthy Series
- Royal Romeos by Jenny Gardiner
- The Celebration Series by Stacy Eaton

Top 3 Emotional Impact Reads
- Bromosexual by Daryl Banner
- Son of Kong by TS Joyce
- Velvet & Vows by Stacy Eaton

New Genres & the Books That Made Me Love Them
- Football Sundaze by Daryl Banner (M/M)
-  Touching Infinity by Erin Hayes (Sci-fi)

Most Followed Authors of the Year
- TS Joyce
- Erin Hayes
- Jenny Gardiner
- Kylie Gilmore
- Liz Kelly
- Daryl Banner
- Stacy Eaton

Top 5 Fictional Escapes of 2017
- Damon's Mountains, Created by TS Joyce
- Neptune's World, Created by Erin Hayes
- Clover Park, Created by Kylie Gilmore
- Henderson, Created by Liz Kelly
- Celebration Township, Created by Stacy Eaton

Most Amazing Communities (Street Teams)
- TS Joyce's Trailer Park Book Club
- Erin Hayes' Nerd Crew
- Chance Carter's Diamonds

Most Amazing (Finally) Met in Person Moments
- Daryl Banner (Author)
- Jonny James (Cover Model)

Top 5 Most Mention 2017 Moments
- The Memories made with my favorite author TS Joyce at the author signing in Tulsa
- The Development and Production of HavoK apparel by Jonny James and TS Joyce
- Christmas card exchange in Erin Hayes' Nerd Crew
- Meeting the multi-talented photographer and cover model Nathan Hainline
- Being added to the street team of TWO of my all time favorite authors - Kylie Gilmore & Liz Kelly

2017 was a great year for my love of books and I look forward to what awaits in 2018.