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Green Bearets: Garrin By Amelia Jade

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Base Camp Bears (Book Four)
Paranormal Shape-Shifter Romance

Green Bearets: Garrin (A Paranormal Shape Shifter Romance) (Base Camp Bears Book 4)
As a high-ranking officer in the Green Bearets, Garrin Richter rarely gets out from behind his desk. So when he is able to arrange a trip to nearby Cloud Lake to meet with some of his subordinates, the bear shifter is ecstatic. With the war raging on between his homeland of Cadia and their arch rivals Fenris, he’s never felt more helpless sitting safely behind the action. But when the high command’s meeting is interrupted, Garrin isn’t sure what’s the bigger bombshell: the woman who just walked in, or what she has to say.

Mia Jameson was nobody special. It didn’t make sense. She had a good life, and enjoyed it, and was proud of her accomplishments, but she was just a normal human being. Under threat of duress, she’s done things she regrets. No more though. Having finally worked up her courage, she’s going to march right up to the shifter in charge and tell him the truth. The only thing is, she didn’t expect him to be so damn hot.

From the moment she walked in, Garrin couldn’t tear his eyes off of her. Even after her secret is revealed, he’s the only one who doesn’t care. He vows to help her, no matter the cost, but his peers from the other shifter races disagree. Without their help, he’s not sure he can do what’s necessary. Can he prove to Mia that when he gives his word, he’s good for it? 
My Review
Colonel Garrin Richter, second-in-command of the Green Bearets was visiting his bearets in Cloud Lake when his life changed completely.

Mia has been going threw her own private hell at the hands of the Fenris shifters. When she finally reaches out for help from the Cadia shifters, that one move completely changed the course of her life.

The story of Garrin and Mia will grab you from page one. This author can craft a strong willed bad arse heroines like none other and some pretty swon worthy heroes!

About Author
Amelia Jade loves to write the stories of tall, growly shifter men and the women who come to love them. Living out in the back country near the mountains, she keeps her own alpha male close by to keep the bears away and keep her warm. In her downtime (which is rare), she loves to read science-fiction with a dash of fantasy. You can often find her curled up in front of the real wood-burning fireplace, her nose firmly buried in a book or her favorite e-reader. The cold can’t bother her there!

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