Tuesday, March 21, 2017

COVER REVEAL: Rectify By Mary Crawford

Author: Mary Crawford
Model: Chandra Holt

Once upon a time, Tayanita Moya had what should have been a perfect life.  She had a handsome, ambitious husband who was like her best friend, and an adorable daughter. Things should have been perfect — but they weren’t. So, she walked away.
Now, her teenage daughter wants her to be part of that life again. Tayanita isn’t  so sure she can be strong enough to watch another woman live the life she should have had. In a moment of desperation, she reaches out to an unsuspecting, sexy, anonymous voice on the phone one night and unloads her whole dreadful secret life.
John Ashford looks forward to his nightly call from his secret, sexy siren.  He hears hundreds of voices on the phone every day, but few sound as broken and haunted as his secret caller. Since being injured in the line of duty, Lieutenant Commander Ashford has a few secrets of his own.
Can Tayanita and John rectify the past and build a future together
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