Thursday, January 19, 2017

New Release: Green Bearet: Luther by Amelia Jade

Base Camp Bears, Book one
Paranormal Shape-Shifter Romance
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Bear shifter Luther Klein had trained his entire life to become a Green Bearet, one of the elite bear shifters of his homeland. But budget cuts by politicians forced him out just as he achieved his goal. Now, jaded at his homeland’s actions, he heads out into the human world. The nearby town of Cloud Lake calls his name, where he ends up in a dingy basement bar. But everything changes when his waitress walks up to the table and sends his bear into a frenzy… 
Allix Rose is a nomad. A wanderer. She’s lived in over ten cities in the same number of years, never setting down roots. Life in Cloud Lake is okay, and she knows she’ll be content there for a while. Until the tall, handsome shifter with piercing green eyes sits down at her table. Then, everything changes. 
When a fight erupts between shifters in her bar, Allix finds herself thrown headfirst into the shifter world against her desires. Can she come to grips with her feelings for Luther and perhaps discover what it is she’s been searching for? Or will the war she’s become involved with stop their blossoming romance in its tracks?

My Review
Woot! Troubles been brewing between Cadia and Fenris. Since they couldn't get the upper hand on the dragons of Cadia, Fenris has tried a new approach from the ground. Poor Allix literally finds herself in the middle of a declaration of war. Luckily for her one of Cadia's finest Green Bearts has her back! Love love love Luther and Allix's story and it definitely has me giddy for more!

About Author
Amelia Jade loves to write the stories of tall, growly shifter men and the women who come to love them. Living out in the back country near the mountains, she keeps her own alpha male close by to keep the bears away and keep her warm. In her downtime (which is rare), she loves to read science-fiction with a dash of fantasy. You can often find her curled up in front of the real wood-burning fireplace, her nose firmly buried in a book or her favorite e-reader. The cold can’t bother her there!

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