Moxie North

Moxie North lives in the wilds of the Pacific Northwest. As an avid reader, Moxie was a big fan of what she calls “mental fanfiction.” After reading an amazing book she would keep the story going in her head. Then one day she finally decided she had some stories of her own to tell.

Currently, Moxie is working on adding to her paranormal shifter romance series: Pacific Northwest Bears and Pacific Northwest Cougars. She enjoys living in the PNW, listening to the rain, drinking way too much coffee, and watching bad TV when she’s not writing. 

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Pacific Northwest Bears

Book 0.5: Be My Bear

This is a short prequel novella that tells the story of how the Rochon parents met prior to having their three sons Cage, Wyatt, and Conner. This book takes place many, many years before the first PNW story, Bearly Cooking. 
In 1955 the chance of meeting your one true mate was challenging. Connie White was not interested in derailing her life plans to become a housewife. Her future was ahead of her and it didn’t involve an apron. 
Edward Rochon wanted nothing more than to find his mate and start his life. Sometimes all it takes is being in the right place at the right moment.


Book 1: Bearly Cooking

Take one curvy cook ...
Sophie Carlton has a taste for adventure and longs to escape the confines of her stodgy British family. When she gets the opportunity to work as a cook in a remote logging camp in the United States, she has no idea just how much excitement is in store. 
Add one formidable bear ...
Grizzly shifter Cage Rochon lives and works with his brothers in the forests of the Pacific Northwest. They love the land and rely on its privacy to keep their secret. As his clan’s Alpha, Cage takes his responsibilities seriously, but he’s ready to meet his mate. 
He just doesn’t expect her to be a human who has no idea shifters exist.
Mix well with family, danger, and plenty of spice ...
Now Sophie has more on her plate than she ever expected--not just a new country and way of life, but a large, sexy, very protective man who adores her so much it’s baffling. Add in their steamy encounters, a mysterious saboteur at the logging camp, and the shock of seeing her beau become a bear, and it’s a recipe for romantic hijinks! 
Can Cage protect his mate and convince her that he’s serious about her? Or will Sophie decide that becoming part of a family of bears is one adventure too many?


Book 2: Bear in Mind

Waiting patiently for his destined mate was not a high priority for Wyatt Rochon even if it was for his bear. He and his brothers ran a successful timber business and life was too busy to go hunting down The One.  
Fate finally steps in to bring Wyatt together with curvy state analyst, Jinger McCann. Her life doesn’t have many ups and downs until she meets Wyatt. Finding a boyfriend usually doesn’t come with so much family drama.  
Before they can settle into a life of love, logging, and cubs, Wyatt must discover how to protect his mate and family against unknown forces trying to harm them. One small mistake could cost him and his bear their future happiness. 


Book 3: Bear With Me

Conner Rochon thought living in the wilds of the Pacific Northwest and running a logging company with his brothers was tough work. Add to that, he wasn’t too keen on sharing his body with a grizzly bear. Shifters normally had no problem with their animal side. Conner was not one of them. 
Mackenzie never gave a second thought to being a shifter. She loved it and finding out that she and her cat were mated to a reluctant bear was a blow she wasn’t expecting. 
Conner is tired of not being able to make his own choices in life. Is he willing to lose the love of his life to keep control of who he is? Does Mackenzie have the will to fight for them both?


Book 3.5: Jingle Bears

Bring together a huge family of bears, add a dash of cougars, and toss in a few little ones wreaking havoc and you have a Jingle Bears Christmas! 
The Rochons are hosting Christmas Eve and with the addition of the Hayes cougars to the family, the house is bursting at the seams. 
Enjoy the laughter and love of having so many happily mated couples and tiny bears and cougars coming together. With so much happiness and joy to be had, there is one Rochon that is hoping that he too will someday find his mate. Cash loves his big crazy family, but wants one of his own too. 
This is not a standalone book! The novella is a peek into Christmas with the Rochon Bears and the Hayes Cougars.


Book 4: Bearly Healed

Cassidy Hackett knows all about life’s hard knocks. After growing up in foster care, her only family is her friend Effie, who sees past Cassie’s sarcasm to the heart she shields so carefully. But now Effie is mated to a cougar shifter, and Cassie feels left behind. When a fateful decision to drown her sorrows one night leaves her broken and scarred, she’s almost ready to give up on life. 
With one burly, sexy man ...
Grizzly shifter Cash Rochon loves his family and his job. But it feels like he’s been searching forever for his mate--that special woman meant only for him. When he hears about a human recuperating from a terrible accident at a relative’s house, he’s glad to help out. Little does he know that his greatest wish is about to be answered ... in a way he never expected. 
And lots of patience, devotion, and peanut butter cups?
Cassidy needs to heal inside and out, and it won’t be easy. The one thing that keeps her going--not that she would ever admit it--is Cash, who refuses to give up on her. He’s willing to do whatever it takes to coax his sharp-tongued pixie out of her shell--even indulge her junk food habit. Cash wants nothing more than to show her the love she’s always needed. But after a lifetime of wearing emotional armor, is Cassie ready to lower her guard?


Book 5: Bearly a Memory

Brooklyn Nishi likes order, and stability, and following the rules. Then she has to run for her life -- and everything familiar vanishes in an instant. 
Bear shifter Tanner Rochon loves his family and the little patch of Washington he calls home. As sheriff of Apex, it’s his job to protect his community and keep the peace. When he finds a strange woman in the woods, he knows two things: she's in trouble, and she’s the mate he’s always wanted. 
Tanner and his bear are more than ready for the challenge Brooklyn presents. But is she ready to leave behind everything she’s known and start a new life with him? And will trouble of a more lethal kind come looking for her?


Book 6: Bearly Breathing

She’s not looking for a white knight ...
Single mom Gemma Ellis loves her son -- and hates asking for help. Her no-account ex has taught her she can’t rely on anyone but herself, even if that means working two jobs and barely scraping by. Big, burly, handsome doctor Eddie Rochon makes Gemma wonder if good men are more than a myth. She's tempted to give him a chance ... but trust is hard after all she's been through. 
He’s ready to save the day ...
Eddie’s a polar bear shifter with a gift for taking care of people … and a bit of a gnome problem. When he realizes the curvy brunette with the adorable little boy is his mate, his need to help her kicks into overdrive--but if he tries too hard, he’ll drive her away. 
Welcome home ... or see you later?
When Gemma’s ex turns up, things get even more complicated. Can Eddie protect his newfound family and convince his mate that he's not like other men she's known? Or will her self-reliance blind her to the truth? 
Author’s Note: Bearly Breathing ends at 70%. This release includes a bonus copy of the first book in the Pacific Northwest Bears series, Bearly Cooking.


Book 6.5: Valentine’s Surprise

Cash and Cassie from Bearly Healed return for their first Valentine’s Day together.
Keeping a secret from a bear shifter isn’t as easy as it seems... 
Cash Rochon knows his mate Cassie is keeping a secret, his bear knows too. He is thrilled but doesn’t want to spoil her surprise. 
Valentine’s Day was not Cassie’s favorite holiday, but this year she has big news she can’t wait to share with the man of her dreams. News this special needs a big splashy reveal. But how to do it? 
Two people so perfectly matched in love, they both think up the perfect way to surprise each other. Coincidence or fate?


Book 7: Angel: Rochon Bears

A bear eager to leave the woods …Unlike most of his family, Angel Rochon doesn’t want forestry to be his life. His real love is music. All he has to do is reach out and take hold of his dream … until the night he meets a sexy older woman at a local bar. Becca isn't just hot -- she’s everything. Angel knows what he wants -- but convincing her he’s serious is a challenge. 
A woman waiting for King Charming …Becca Kelly wants a man, not a boy. Someone who’s worked through all his youthful issues and has his act together. Angel Rochon is impossibly sexy. Wanting him is easy … but that doesn’t mean he’s ready to be someone’s life partner. 
A time to choose …Can Angel and Becca let go of the dreams that have shaped their lives and embrace a new one together? Or are their differences too great to overcome?


Pacific Northwest Cougars

Book 1: Cougar’s Victory

Dax Hayes knew what it meant to be the Alpha of a cougar pack. He also knew that his responsibilities to family were his first priority. But Dax wanted more. He’d been around a long time and he simply wanted to find his One. His one true mate to start a family with. A temporary break and a fresh start was just what he needed. 
Life had a way of kicking you when you were down. At least that’s what Effie Parks had come to believe. Growing up with a mother in jail and foster parents who weren’t cruel, but weren’t kind, left her fighting for every scrap of happiness. She didn’t ask for much, her needs were simple. Until she met Dax. 
Do opposites attract or are some hurdles, human and shifter, too big to overcome?


Book 2: Cougar’s Luck

A computer genius, a dedicated gamer, and on some nights a cougar shifter, Everett Hayes had his whole life in front of him. Where that path led he didn’t know. Computers were his refuge until he met Layla. 
Layla Klein loved her pack, loved her crazy family, and totally dug her job overseeing the hottest club on the Vegas strip. A few missteps and some unwanted attention didn’t dampen her enthusiasm. 
A chance meeting in the night. Two shifters from two different packs. Sometimes love happens fast and lust happens even faster. Doesn’t mean your past won’t catch up with you.


Book 3: Cougar’s Gift

Communicating with others didn’t require the use of a lot of words in Stryker’s mind. He was a man and a cougar…what more needed to be explained. But when the fates give you a mate that needs to be talked into forever a cougar needs to man up and start talking. 
Tucked away in her tiny town, Libby was happy with her job at the library, her epic book collection, and her kooky parents. Until one day a mystery man rides into her little world on the back of a motorcycle.  
Libby knows all about sex and love in romance novels, now she has to figure out how that translates to real life. A rough biker shifter and a sweet innocent librarian find that a new world of passion can open up with the turn of a page.


Book 4: Stick Shifter (Southern Shifters Kindle World)

One sexy cougar ...Millionaire Will Klein loves his life in Las Vegas -- but he also loves the road trips that give his cougar room to shift and roam. In all his travels, though, he’s never met his mate … until his car breaks down somewhere on the back roads of Tennessee, and a pretty, dark-haired woman starts wielding her wrench. 
One curvy mechanic ...Delaney (D.J.) Owens has lived her whole life in the same small Tennessee town. She’s never met anyone like the sexy, sophisticated casino owner whose car she’s fixing -- especially when she finds out he’s not exactly human.
And a cross-country dilemmaNow that he’s finally found his mate, Will wants to take her home with him and pamper her as only a millionaire can. But can he persuade his small-town tomboy to take a chance on the big city life of Las Vegas? And if she does, will she be welcome in his world?


Book 5: Rough Edges (Southern Shifters Kindle World)

The quiet life in the Smoky Mountains allows Zane Marx the time to focus on the passion in his life--his art. He enjoys the variety of people he sees in his day job as a bartender, but always reminds himself that they are only there for a brief time.  
Margo Klein has finally grown up. Realizing her status as the privileged daughter of the Klein Cougar pack has allowed her to lead a pampered but not exactly fulfilling life, she has started to turn things around. On a lark she heads to the same town where her brother found his mate. Was there a special charm in the mountain air that could lead her to her one and only mate?
Can the rich cougar shifter and the not-quite starving artist find a way to build a life together or are their differences to great?


Redemption MC

Book 1: Wounded Wolf

A lost wolf … When do you stop making sacrifices for the ones you love? Maverick Hale served his country proudly. A roadside bomb changed his life forever, and Maverick chose to leave behind his old life, his family, his future. Your world is your club, your ride, and your brothers. When a woman full of hope comes along and wants to color your world, what do you? Do you take a chance to get back all that you thought was lost? 
A giving soul looking for her next hurt to heal ...Prudence lived her life simply. Less was more and most of life’s problems could be solved by a hug and a little color. Her knitting club’s new community project introduces her to a hard man that doesn’t want her help, but seems to desperately need it.The universe was giving her all the signs she was supposed to be in this man’s life...she just has to convince him of it.


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