Liz Kelly

Liz Kelly is the author of fun and sexy contemporary romance novels. Liz enjoys putting friends and readers in cameo appearances in her books. Originally from Baltimore, she spent every summer near Annapolis, Maryland in a community where dancing and romancing are literally part of its theme song.

A graduate of Wake Forest University, where she met her handsome golf-addicted husband, (who is now sporting dark glasses everywhere he goes) Liz is a mother of two grown sons (also sporting dark glasses) and a miniature Labradoodle named Isabelle. They live in the Fountain of Youth, a.k.a. Naples, FL where dancing and romancing continues on ad infinitum.

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Heroes of Henderson

Prequel (Novella):  Playin' Cop

Duncan James may be a well respected attorney, but he's still a fraternity guy at heart. So when his buddies bet he can't give the local female speed demon a ticket, he adopts a cop's persona and goes in for the kill. Only to find killer lips, a killer body and a whole lot of killer sass challenging him at every turn. 
Annabelle Devine may be a genteel Southern belle, but she's dealing with her own long-standing bet. So when smooth-talking, sexy Officer Friendly hands her a speeding ticket, she licks her lips and simply insists he escort her to her family's New Year's Eve ball.
Well, duh!
Duncan is in. In deep. And now he's desperate to come clean and turn one seriously naughty night into a lifetime of hot Southern lovin'.
Timeline in the series: Playin' Cop starts the Heroes of Henderson series off on New Year's Eve Year 1 in Henderson and runs a couple weeks into the year.


Book 1: Good Cop 

What happens when best friends fall for the same girl? 
A bromance, a romance, and a love triangle. 
Local sports heroes Brooks Bennett and Vance Evans are used to being part of a winning team. Yet when it comes to romance their good cop, bad cop images have them handcuffed. They want a woman’s point of view to help unshackle their reputations, and they’ve picked out one pretty, pony-tailed firecracker to do it. 
Lolly DuVal longs for a summer fling that can set off all her bells and whistles. So she agrees to tutor Henderson’s hunkiest heroes on what women really want. But now she finds herself caught between two cops and a hard place. And those bells and whistles? They are starting to sound a whole lot more like alarms.
Timeline in the series: Good Cop starts after Playin' Cop and runs from March - July 4th Year 1 in Henderson. 


Book 2: Bad Cop 

When Vance Evans tracks down Piper Beaumont, the little blonde who saved his life back in fourth grade, he doesn’t just find the sweet, delicious, curly-haired Tinkerbell he remembers. He also finds a complicated woman who proves to be way more than he’s bargained for. Though she’s still Perfect Piper with the soothing touch, now she’s also The Lawyer Beaumont, a defense attorney carrying a personal grudge against every cop who crosses her path. So when his newly adopted Good Cop persona can’t break down the lawyer’s defenses, Vance decides to fall back on his old Bad Cop ways to coax Naughty Piper into his arms. 
Timeline in series: Bad Cop picks up right where Good Cop ends and runs from July 5th into September of Year 1 in Henderson.


Book 2.5 (Novella): Taming Molly ~ A DuVal Cousins Quickie

Henderson's infamous Molly DuVal is desperate to move back home. Banished for the past five years, she plans to use her aunt’s wedding to show the Henderson elite that she is no longer the boy crazy, wild, party-girl exhibitionist they all loved to gossip about. 
Yeah. Good luck with that. 
 Josh McCourt, mild-mannered AP Computer Science teacher and newest assistant coach to Henderson High's football team, is ready to break away from his low-key image and take a walk on the wild side. He’s looking for the type of girl who’d sneak into the boy’s locker room after practice and let him chase her around. 
He’s looking for Molly. 
 When the bad-girl-turned-good faces off with the good-boy-looking-for-bad at the town’s biggest wedding, all of Henderson is watching from the sidelines. This is one game both Molly and Josh are determined to win. 
Timeline in series: This story happens in August Year 1 in Henderson and occurs during the story timeline of Bad Cop.


Book 3: Top Dog 

Crain Carraway, Dallas business tycoon and sports fanatic, is not from Henderson. But his wife is. No one knows that though, because she managed to get cold feet after their impromptu Vegas wedding. Hiding out in her hometown, she’s sicced her lawyer on him, doing her best to buy his silence and a quickie divorce. 
Like hell. 
It’s taken him way too long to find the perfect Mrs. Carraway, and now that he’s had the fortuitous luck to stumble into Henderson and his bride, he’s not about to let her go. 
Timeline in series: Starts right where Bad Cop left off, in September and runs into November Year 1 in Henderson.


Book 3.5: Tempting Vivi ~ A DuVal Cousins Novel  

Ready to graduate college and start her dream career, Vivi DuVal’s confidence is shaken when her boyfriend drops a bomb that sends her spinning…right into the arms of heroic Lane Kettering. 
But what starts out as a romantic beach fling is about to end up as fodder for the tabloids when Lane’s secret is unexpectedly revealed and Vivi finds herself in extremely hot and tempting water. 
Timeline in series: This book takes place May Year 1 through June of Year 2 in Henderson. You'll see characters from Tempting Vivi make appearances in UnderDog.  


Book 4: Under Dog 

When Davis Williams, a.k.a Pinks, sets a goal, it's done. Yesterday. His enthusiasm, ingenuity, and git 'r done attitude have transformed him from interloper to integral part of “Team Henderson,” and one crazy-hot night of vigorous out-of-town lovin’ has busted him out of his Nice, Safe, Boring persona. 
Things are really taking shape for Pinks, especially when he encounters the sassy siren he can't forget. His goal now: coax the evasive Red into becoming a real part of his life. 
But when Pinks discovers his mysterious lover is not only intimately tied to Henderson, but his own notorious scandal as well, he realizes he’s in the middle of a desperate no-win situation.  
Can the man who believes Henderson is a field of dreams keep his own alive? Or has Pinks come up against the one dream he can’t possibly make happen in Henderson? 
Timeline in the overall series: UnderDog starts right where Top Dog left off and runs from November Year 1 through March Year 2 in Henderson.


A Christmas Quickie: Kissing Cooper 

Scorched by an old flame, Cooper Crenshaw, Henderson High’s championship-winning baseball coach, has done everything in his power to avoid coming back to town. So running into Christy-Lynn Brilhart ten minutes after his return is less like a Christmas miracle and more like Cooper’s own personal Nightmare Before Christmas. 
Now a stylish businesswoman, Christy-Lynn may be done wearing hand-me-downs, but she sure isn’t done setting Cooper’s blood on fire. As the Christmas season heats up, so does his desire to get to the bottom of their abrupt breakup. Realizing the town he still loves could use his major league help, Cooper figures it’s time to tie up a few loose ends. 
With holiday ribbon. 
To his bedpost. 
Timeline in the series: Kissing Cooper takes place between Thanksgiving and Christmas during Year 1 in Henderson - inside the story timeline of UnderDog.


Book 5: Mr. Wrong 

Missy McReady followed Mr. Right to Henderson … and then fell for Mr. All Wrong and his big red truck. 
Saying no to Thor’s sexy brawn and Southern-boy charm has turned into Missy’s very own mission impossible. Instead of backpedaling her way out of his arms and out of his town, last night happened. 
Former Army Ranger Thurgood Watson III zeroed in on his target months ago. From the beginning, The girl had needs, and he’s been filling them. Now he’s planning a Special Op to coax the softer side of Missy onto his plantation and into his bed. 
But even the highly trained, highly observant Ranger can’t sniff out every threat. When Thor runs up against the real hero in Missy’s life, it’s like stepping on an IED. Game freaking over. 
Timeline in the overall series: Mr. Wrong starts right where UnderDog left off and runs from March Year 2 through May Year 2 in Henderson.

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